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Streetcar sketches of the big city

The rundown: Looking for an idea for a new regular feature for this particular corner of the electronic ether, I was struck by how often I’d start doing up character sketches in my head while out and about for work … Continue reading

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Liam Dynes, Internaut

Late in coming, slow in growing, I know, but here it is. My OFFICIAL online homeywome. All you cybersquatters can just screw right off. I beat ya to the punch. So, what’ll this be? Let’s just say I haven’t fully … Continue reading

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Welcome to my interweb, world

Ok suckers, here’s how it’s gonna go. I’m gonna do this thing, you’re gonna sit there and take it. There’ll be categories, there’ll be various stuff, there’ll be fun features, and it’s the kickassingest thing you’ve all ever seen. RIGHT?

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