Liam Dynes, Internaut

Late in coming, slow in growing, I know, but here it is. My OFFICIAL online homeywome. All you cybersquatters can just screw right off. I beat ya to the punch.

So, what’ll this be? Let’s just say I haven’t fully fleshed out the details. I’ll probably do some updating on my life, but I also intend to do some, y’know, real writing here. I’ll likely pontificate on entertainment, news, basketball, and possibly delve into a semi-regular fictional endeavour. There’ll probably also be some flickr linkage for some photo portfolio or some official portfolio junk put up on some sub-pages.

Ooh! Probably also some listage/commentary/analysis/reviews of some favourite things across the world of stuff.

I just wanted something with my name on it that people can remember/check often, cuz since I actually paid for this one, I’ll be sure to update frequently. And be horribly offended when there aren’t billions of hits all the time.

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One Response to Liam Dynes, Internaut

  1. Brian Bradley says:

    Hit it! (Then quit it)

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