Streetcar sketches, Vol. II

Number two in my recurring series, hope you all enjoy yet another slice of Torontonia.

Male, black, late 30s.
Grey phat farm tshirt, black sunglasses, jeans, denim ballcap with “Fat Albert” embroidered on the left side.
He is eating a cob of corn wrapped in tin foil.

Name: Albert Gangbright
Occupation: Mail sorter
Ambition: Meet a surviving Four Top

Albert is heading to work for the 6-2 shift at a central mail sorting plant. Dinner, left over from 3 nights previous, was all the food left in his fridge that could be carried without a bowl. His fridge, while not poorly stocked, was filled predominantly with uncooked vegetables (eggplant, scallions, green onions) and container after container of split pea and potato soups. Most of the weekend previous was spent making said soups, which were intended for a church picnic, but never ended up at their destination due to his ride, his younger sister Matilda, getting into another fight with her common-law husband and spending Sunday in Mississauga with her mother for comfort.
Albert has won six previous ribbons for his soups, and his sister three when presenting his soups as her own. She claims she gave him the recipes, but she has never actually cooked a soup in her life.
Unmarried, but with a 12 year old son whom he has only had contact with twice in his life. The mother, an Asian CPA named Grace, left him after a two-month relationship and didn’t tell him about the pregnancy until the boy was five years old. Grace and the boy, Thomas, live in Kelowna, BC, where Thomas is training to be a professional slalom racer. Albert has tried to learn to ski as a way to broach further contact with the boy, but altitudes, even those of small ski hills or chair lifts, give him vertigo and nosebleeds.
Albert has never been overweight, despite the rather pedestrian nickname that would suggest otherwise. The nickname from was a childhood and high school friend who died in a car accident at age 21 – and accident on an empty rural road in mid-summer, neither foul play nor vehicle malfunction were established as a cause.
By working at the mail sorting plant, Albert hopes to raise the money to both travel to see his son more regularly, and to help his sister pay for a cottage and speedboat, a family dream for years.

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