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And for something way out of left field

I love this. I can’t explain why. I was watching the Raptors game yesterday, and it was played at just about every other commercial break. I’ve watched it a bunch of times over on YouTube sitting here at Radke, bored, … Continue reading

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This may not make much sense…

So, apparently Beth “gonna cut me” if I don’t blog. I was thinking today about how people stack up in comparison to other animals in our raising of young (the AD at the theatre – Famous People Players – just … Continue reading

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Fowl, fetus. Fetus, fowl.

Beth says I get caught up in language. Well, of course I do. For as long as I can remember, at least for as long as matters, my brain has been a swirl of syllables and synchronicity. I enjoy arcane … Continue reading

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One thing I get from reading a bunch of how-to write stuff, across the board — and something I’ve always known, if not in so many words — is about the fundamental lack, anywhere, of any kind of magical font … Continue reading

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Not the fun kind either. Something has been occurring to me lately. When does it no longer become feasible to call yourself what you want to be? Reading the Stephen King book, ‘On Writing’, he’s a big advocate of writing … Continue reading

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