This may not make much sense…

So, apparently Beth “gonna cut me” if I don’t blog.

I was thinking today about how people stack up in comparison to other animals in our raising of young (the AD at the theatre – Famous People Players – just had a baby that I imagine he’s usually wishing he was spending time with instead of running foam puppets around in the dark) and it occurred to me that humans really lucked out.

Gazelles are born able to run. To RUN. And born with the knowledge and common sense to run from tigers. Put a human baby in a cage with a tiger, you get one quickly devoured morsel.

I was thinking about the language I use – hypothetically comparing any future baby I may have to our kitten at the same age. At six weeks, the kitten was eating solid food, being transplanted into a new home, and cognizant enough to go to the bathroom in a sandbox and cover it up herself. At six months, human babies are still prone, messy, basically non-self-aware creatures. I was thinking about defining articles and pronouns that I use, and realized that there is a huge disconnect between the value I place on things and the language I use in everyday speech. To continue the baby analogy: I can fully see myself referring to my child as ‘it’ and ‘thing’ very easily. For instance, realizing that I will be doing for it what our kitten can do for herself (at six weeks!) for years, at least. Sample dialogue: “Man, this thing is a mess!”

Does this mean I would value my own child less than a kitten? Do any of you reading this really think I’m that awful a human being? Are we all familiar with hypotheticals?

What does this all have to do with anything? I was talking about value. This weird little tangent I went on while walking back from the theatre got me thinking about how my speech might be perceived by people who don’t know me. Should I be more typical in my locution and diction? Do I have to follow the same syntactical and structural rules as everyone else? How does this affect my writing?

All valid questions, which really got me thinking. No simple answers though.

But none of which changes the plain fact: the Raptors still suck. How did I get from there to here? Dunno, probably saw something that distracted me. Seriously, can this team even spell defence? (Aaaaahahahahaha, I just misspelled defence as defense when I went to make the joke!)

Final thoughts: I think I’ve figured out which show I’m going to spec for my first try at a script – Supernatural. Basically Buffy with boys, but damn fine writing, and practically built for doing a nice standalone spec. Nice serialized elements with tons of standalone pieces, and a nice small cast to work with. Now here’s hoping I actually start the thing soon.

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