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While sitting with my parents in Pearson Airport at 1 AM last night, my mom and their friend (whose husband works in Barbados, and whom they were going to stay with) Leanne most of the way through a box of … Continue reading

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Lousy layovers…

Parents were at Pearson for an overnight layover on their way to freakin’ Barbados, so of course they asked I go visit at midnight. Way to spread the vacationing wealth. And now it’s nigh on 3 AM and I can’t … Continue reading

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Minimal, but encouraging

I received the following email last night, 12 midnight on the dot: “You’re good at this. No pressure, but keep them coming.” This email was from “Hercules” at Ain’t It Cool. Not that this guy is the be all and … Continue reading

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A new writer’s fave, but will it last more than a year?

So, gotta blog. Gotta blog more. I’ve started reading a lot more screenwriting blogs lately. The bigs, like Complications Ensue, Jane Espenson and others, but also a couple Canadian ones, DeadThingsonSticks in particular. I like him. I can’t honestly say … Continue reading

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