A new writer’s fave, but will it last more than a year?

So, gotta blog. Gotta blog more.

I’ve started reading a lot more screenwriting blogs lately. The bigs, like Complications Ensue, Jane Espenson and others, but also a couple Canadian ones, DeadThingsonSticks in particular. I like him. I can’t honestly say I’ve really seen much of anything he’s ever done, but it’s a good read. I suppose I should WATCH more Canadian TV if I plan to work in the field. Granted, my specs and goals are all south of the border (filling my viewing schedule pretty tight as it is), but a passing familiarity beyond Corner Gas and Alice, I Think would probably be good. But in my defense, it’s not my fault Made in Canada went off the air years ago, and that Slings and Arrows is only on pay TV. When both of those shows were new, I diet from them almost exclusively, great stuff.

But, to the title of this post: 30 Rock seems to be taking the inside-TV crowd by storm as the new touchstone reference/cult favourite. And good thing, it’s almost, dare I say, at the level Arrested Development was at at this point in its life. Everywhere I look, someone is dropping a 30 Rock quote, reference, or anecdote. We can only hope that a glimmer of this is reflected in the general populace, or that NBC is at all swayed by the promise of quality for years to come. Just an observation.

In lesser news, I made a writing playlist in iTunes. I know, wow, huge news, huh? But seriously, everyone needs something to write to. Since Supernatural is my spec, I started with the newly downloaded classic rock list, then picked and chose from the rest of the library with a healthy mix of favourites, quality and nostalgia. It’s probably the playlist I’m most proud of, and has already seen me through the teaser of this bad boy spec, and hopefully speedily through the rest of the hour. Plenty of classic rock (the best of Journey, Kansas, ACDC, Bad Company), a nice chunk of punk (my Bad Religion, Operation Ivy, Minor Threat), some Old 97s/Rhett Miller (but not so much as to feed the ridiculous addiction from last year), a smattering of bubblegum pop, just to mix things up, with enough alt/indie (Ben Kweller, Beck, Telefauna, much more) to keep up my cred for when people are watching my “What I’m listening to” on MSN and see a bunch of Foreigner, Creedence and Robbie Williams flash by and wonder what the hell is up.

(Edit: I think I just embarked down a slippery slope, music-wise — I just downloaded “Right Now” by Van Halen. But again, in my defense, it’s not my fault it was the Crystal Pepsi theme song, which just happened to be the best beverage of all time, and that I happen to be in something of a cheese rock phase, the blame for which lies at the feet of Supernatural.)

And yeah, I’m onto this spec, hopefully to plow through it quickly as is my usual tendency once I actually get going writing something. So, if anyone knows the show Supernatural on City/The CW or happens to currently be taking a screenwriting course at a college of some kind (…) their eventual input would be more than welcome.

Oh, and I’m now the singular, featured Studio 60 reviewer on Ain’t it Cool. I’m awesome.

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