Minimal, but encouraging

I received the following email last night, 12 midnight on the dot:

“You’re good at this. No pressure, but keep them coming.”

This email was from “Hercules” at Ain’t It Cool. Not that this guy is the be all and end all of television writing but he’s known in the industry, and AICN is friggin’ big. It’s really, really widely read (even namedropped ON Studio 60 during the fall), and yeah, the Studio 60 reviews have moved from 3 or 4 jumbled Canadian early viewer reviews to just me. And even 10 words of encouragement and acknowledgment. Not bad.

What else? Anything? Hmm… I got a facebook? Mostly just to have another place to crosspost this thing, since people keep migrating away from wherever I finally break down and sign up for, way too late (LJ, Myspace). Though I have been having fun forging crazy made-up relationships with people.

TV thoughts: I don’t get 24 mania. I really, really liked the first season, when the stakes were smaller, more realistic (though the show/style never really lends to realism no matter what, it was still pretty affecting) and more personal. By this point, Kiefer has been through so many different wringers so many different times that its lost any impact it may have once had. I occasionally watch to see what they’ll blow up/who they’ll kill next, but never with the same connection/conviction I once had. And I almost agree with the TV wags out there who say the politics may be doing more harm than good with the whole ‘politics of fear’ thing. While it may be produced and crafted by Hollywood liberals, most of the people watching are not, and some (hell, all) of the subtlety/irony is basically lost on them.

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