Lousy layovers…

Parents were at Pearson for an overnight layover on their way to freakin’ Barbados, so of course they asked I go visit at midnight. Way to spread the vacationing wealth. And now it’s nigh on 3 AM and I can’t sleep. Soon though, just two quick notes.

1. If I’m Vince Carter, I just had a shitty week (and to anyone still invested in his old stomping grounds and the Toronto Raptors, that’s always good news). First, between Monday and now, three losses, by a combined three points. First, Mike Bibby with 10 seconds left in Sacramento, then Monta Ellis beats the buzzer Wednesday to complete a comeback, and now Cuttino Mobely hits a three with 0.6 left for back-to-back single point losses at (basically) the buzzer. And ole Wince also loses out on an All-Star starters spot by 3000 votes to Gilbert Arenas. It’s a good week to be a Raptors fan, or at least not a Vince fan.

2. Those damn Supernatural folks really know how to pick their soundtracks. I am currently listening to Styx (STYX!) because of them. A damn fine episode tonight was capped with about a minute and a half of nothing but “Renegade” by Styx and the words “We’re so screwed”, and it was amazing. I didn’t know the song from a hole in the ground at 9:50 this evening, but by 10, it had me. From the opening line, it was clear they’d struck classic rock gold again. That show is steadily, and not even so slowly anymore, taking over as one of my favourite on TV. Period. Taut, tight, tense writing, great atmosphere and characters, and style that just jumps out and demands you pay attention. Makes me want to get through this spec even faster.

But bed first.

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