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Boil it down, that’s where the flavour is

It’s all about cred, man. For some reason I kept holding back in blogging about what I know. What I do. What I live and breathe. Cuz I think it’s cheap. I’ve got some of that artsy-litzy guilt that prevents … Continue reading

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me wants

Anyone feel like subsidizing an XBOX 360 for me? Me wants this. Totally a system seller.

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Something goeth before a something…

Scrubs was good last night. It was called “My Perspective”, and far be it for me to worry about silly things like looking for big life messages in sitcoms, but it felt a smidge relevant to how I think and … Continue reading

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This week

Trying to plow through this blogging thing, even when I’m not so sure if I’ve got anything to say, probably the best way to plow through these dry spots. First off, huge kudos to the ladyfriend, Miss Beth, for prettyifying … Continue reading

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Just puttin’ it out there…

You don’t like it, send it right on back. I’m friggin’ bored people. No (regular) job for going on 14 months, very little money, main source of entertainment is getting about a billion hours out of the digital cable box … Continue reading

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So, Beth tagged me via the thang that Travis tagged her. Book meme. So, closest book: ‘The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman’ by Laurence Sterne Open to page 123: Done. Type 6-8 lines of said page: “Observe the … Continue reading

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