Just puttin’ it out there…

You don’t like it, send it right on back.

I’m friggin’ bored people. No (regular) job for going on 14 months, very little money, main source of entertainment is getting about a billion hours out of the digital cable box (without which I am convinced I would be completely out of my gourd) and trying to write this Supernatural spec.

One thought that randomly entered my head was taking Second City writing classes, but they’re $250 a pop and the stupid place requires you to take their stupid improv class first, another $250. Considering I have about -$800,000 of the money required for that, I’ve been checking out the pay-what-you-can comedy nights hereabouts. Not even as often as I probably should, but once you’ve seen a few of the acts (particularly the better ones) you’ve seen all you need. The Toronto comedy scene seems to be about 40 people who all trade off in various sketch troupes, standup, CHUM TV gigs (Comedy Network series’, MuchMusic punditry), and commercial acting. And only about 15 of those 40 are really any good. Some troupes add up to more than the sum of their parts. Some far less.

I would like to possibly think about maybe somehow sticking my toe into these waters. But I don’t do stand up. Or improv. Not that I think I can’t (because highschool taught me I can), but I think it’s a watered down way to start. I’ve watched enough sketch in my day (starting as a wee child with my dad feeding me a diet of Laugh-In, Goon Show and Air Farce — when they were still good, waaaaaaay back on the radio) to know good from bad. And I know funny people. So I propose we find a way to combine the two.

So, to the quick: is there anyone out there in cyberspace, anyone in any way connected to me and my life, who would like to sit down over a lager or two and bang out some sketch, see if any of it stands up?

Shaan, I know we’ve talked the game, wanna go for it?
Jordan, feel like riding some coattails, as is your lifelong dream?
Kyle Betts, Shaan mentioned your name, you onboard?
Joe/Travis/new Press crew, anyone intrigued?
Bronsteter, you or any of your Jew crew down?

Anyone out there who didn’t come to mind instantly wanna step up and surprise? Any ladies — ladies are really funny, if only some of the ones who chose to do comedy in this town were… (OK, unfair, a few of the sketch groups have some really funny girls, but some of the others ruin that for everyone else — honestly, really bad). Even if someone just felt like sitting in on a writing jam, I’d be down with that.

Ok, ball’s out there (hehe, I said balls — see, gold! Already! How can we lose?), anyone wanna smack it back (teehee — two in a row!)?

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3 Responses to Just puttin’ it out there…

  1. Travis says:

    Yes, I do. I do I do. The logistics of internet-collaboration seem illogical, though.

  2. Kate says:

    I just get tossed in the pile of “press crew”?


    I’m gonna hang that shit up on my wall, all for me.

  3. Kate says:


    I’m still gonna hang that shit all up on my wall.

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