This week

Trying to plow through this blogging thing, even when I’m not so sure if I’ve got anything to say, probably the best way to plow through these dry spots.

First off, huge kudos to the ladyfriend, Miss Beth, for prettyifying my corner of internetz. ‘Svery, very nice.

Bullet points: Had a job interview yesterday. Think it went well. The past year has taught me to not get my hopes up though, so I’m cautiously grateful for having been called at all, and now it’s behind me and I’m pushing on with more applications. If I hear something more, great, if not, nothing changes. The job was copywriting at an ad agency that specializes in HR recruiting/internal communications, and I think I’d be pretty ideal for it, seeing as all the treatments I’ve been doing were were selling a person and an idea to skeptical audiences. And I can write up whirlwinds on just about anything given the proper direction. But yeah, no expectations — I know better than to invest any more thought/hope in it than that.

TV: still writing Studio 60 reviews. Lost was good last week, glad to see it should be picking up after the possibly ill-advised ‘pod’ last fall and subsequent ten week hiatus. Heroes is zipping along as always, very good for a freshman show. Supernatural is wicked as ever. Galactica is in the midst of its season-extending padding of a mid-section, as usual, but the filler is generally of a higher quality than last year — it also got renewed for a shorter (as of now) fourth season, either meaning it’ll be forced to do without filler, or a full 20 order will come later. Grey’s Anatomy is damned addictive. The OC is making me wish I’d been watching all along, except that I know seasons two and three blew, largely influenced by Mischa Barton — having her gone is making it delightful, sadly it’s gone in two weeks. 30 Rock is stellar. 24 is 24, meaning I can stand to watch it once in a while, but I’m fairly convinced that its cogent and relevant arguments (such as between the newest President Palmer and Peter Macnicol) both go completely over the head of the segment of the audience who most needs to hear them, and that their presence is largely counteracted by the actual meat and potatoes of the show. Any one of these capsule sentences could send me on a tangent spanning a post of its own, but I’ve restrained.

Raptors: three games over .500, the only loss lately being to the Pistons on the second half of a back-to-back, on the road. Tonight in Chicago bodes ill as well, but hopefully they take the Nets to friggin’ school tomorrow night (I’ll probably sneak in a radio to the theatre as I’m running the FPP show tomorrow night. Like I’ve never done it before).

Comedy: haven’t gotten to any sketch yet, people are hard to pin down, what with possible takers being spread across the Golden Horseshoe. Might try some of my own soon, throwing darts at a few ideas. I’ve been making a lot of “that _________ was only two days away from retirement” jokes lately, it’s been alright.

The next project is possibly finding some new ties, a new sportcoat, and overcoat, possibly second-hand, for spiffying up the wardrobe (for interviews/work and such), and Beth would like to artsy-up the ties. Should be fun. I’ve also still got some gift cards from Christmas (Future Shop and HBC) burning holes in my pocket — Wii controller and pants, respectively, looking like targets. Also dinner with Beth’s family for her birthday. So at least the next couple days should be full. I’ll keep you apprised. And if anyone else is interested in comedy (as below), lemme know.

Katie: I apologize profusely for grouping you into the ‘other Press folks’ in the last post. Here you are, all on your ownsome, getting jam in my blog. Wanna do comedy? Do it up. I had no idea you were a fellow high school drama geek. I welcome you into the club.

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  1. Thank you for this good post. I really love this tv seasons. Can’t wait for the another episode ! Keep up the good work with this 🙂

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