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I got the internet shakes

So work started today. And it seemed pretty alright, minus some of my The Office-related quips and gurgles. Once we get into the actual monthly making of catalogues, my brain should rest a little easier — settling in is key, … Continue reading

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What a week

Haven’t blogged in a while, but I’ve had a legit excuse for at least a week of that time. First: this. Basically, Kaylee’s sick, so I’ve been worrying/given something to quantifiably obsess over. She’s got fluid in her chest, which … Continue reading

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Does it make me less of a person that:

1. The moment of remembrance that there is a new Battlestar Galactica tonight caused a feeling of joy normally reserved for … I dunno, births of children? I’d put myself into rerun-mode, thinking I was stuck with no new shows … Continue reading

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Flickr fun

I know, I should blog more. But I finally got around to posting a chunk of my photo portfolio on Flickr. For a taste: Dunno why that one, but it’s one of my favourite shots from my time as Photographer … Continue reading

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