Does it make me less of a person that:

1. The moment of remembrance that there is a new Battlestar Galactica tonight caused a feeling of joy normally reserved for … I dunno, births of children? I’d put myself into rerun-mode, thinking I was stuck with no new shows (‘cept Lost) for a few more weeks. But a new one is about to start, and I was happy.

2. I’m having trouble ‘reading’. Hour-long storytelling, though I do want to make it my craft and my life, is disrupting my ability to slog through movies or books. Or I’m just being overly critical of the couple movies I’ve seen lately (The Science of Sleep — good, flashes of great; Running with Scissors — meh, flashes of good/great, largely from performances). And developing astigmatism.

3. I kinda liked The Winner, the new Rob Corddry sitcom “from the creator of Family Guy”. It started like the worst of canned laughter, multi-camera sitcoms of times past/According to Jim. Then, it got funny. Believe me, I’m as surprised as you.

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