What a week

Haven’t blogged in a while, but I’ve had a legit excuse for at least a week of that time.

First: this. Basically, Kaylee’s sick, so I’ve been worrying/given something to quantifiably obsess over. She’s got fluid in her chest, which needs to be drained periodically. I can monitor her breathing, resp. rate, food and water intake, and medicine. All of which means we’re dropping chunks of money on vet bills, but she’s family, so we don’t care. She’s got what is technically the best thing to have if you had to choose a disease that gives a cat fluid in the chest. Easily managable and not something that will affect any of the rest of her body. And she’s improving with each chest drain, less and less fluid, and she’s getting happier and happier.

Next: The week had a great distraction from the stupid cat-ness. Jon, one of my best friends in the whole wide world, and who works on the set of Battlestar Frakking Galactica, was in town visiting his brother for about 10 days, but his brother works during the days, so that basically meant we had about 3 1/2 solid days this week with a visitor and some fun to be had. He brought me scripts (different revision versions of three separate episodes so I can see how a script evolves through the editing process). I hope I can say this without him getting shot — but they’re long-aired episodes, so I can’t see the harm. I’m in geek heaven. It also gave me the inspiration and incentive to say ‘screw practicality/realism’ and start writing a Galactica spec of my own. I’m already farther on it in 18 hours than I am in that old Supernatural spec in 2 1/2 months. And I’ve got it completely broken down story-wise, meaning I already know how it ends, a big problem with most things I start writing — I generally have no idea.

I’d held off writing a Galactica, because I was convinced I couldn’t do anything worthwhile in the canon of the show, and the act of even bothering to write a spec is generally dashed by how fast the show advances, making any story points you can think of moot. But I came up with a good idea. And it fits. So I’m doing it.

But as they say, and Beth pointed out to me not more than a week or two ago, once you start a project, something will get in the way of finishing it.

And something did.

A job.

In the time between starting this blog entry (earlier this afternoon) and now (dinner — Jon visiting for the final time got in the way), I received the call from the book reseller I interviewed at this week offering me the job. I am now a marketing assistant with *edited upon leaving*. For St. Catharines folks, think Book Depot, ‘cept (mostly) online. I think. For non-Niagarans, it’s remaindered and overstocked/overprinted books for cheap. There seemed to be a store/warehouse, but I’m not 100% clear on the specifics yet. I hope they’re not reading this now and regretting hiring someone who didn’t totally rock the homework on their company, but suffice to say I’m more than a little excited, as it seems like a great place to work (my job is writing blurbs for new books for the website, and designing catalogues and sales packs — ideal tasks for my skill set), and I loves me some discount books. This will help erase the credit card debt, help pay for the cat’s bills while she still needs the vet regularly, and maybe even let us move to someplace nicer (apartment-wise) down the road. At least I can spend some money on new clothes (mine are falling apart) and some fun stuff (a D100? 360? Not to go nuts, but I can actually think about things I want now, at least a little).

So yeah, good week. Very good week. I think I’m going to burn through this Galactica episode now. Maybe have a Coca-Cola. I think I’ve earned it.

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