I got the internet shakes

So work started today. And it seemed pretty alright, minus some of my The Office-related quips and gurgles. Once we get into the actual monthly making of catalogues, my brain should rest a little easier — settling in is key, after all. As it is, I started with some catalogue entries and some icon design for the website, and got the tours of the joint.

One thing that I’m getting out of my system: the good ol’ internet dependence. The internet is largely useless, particularly how I spent my time on it (entertainment websites, Facebook, hoops trash) for the past year. But seeing as how I was unemployed for that whole year, minus the freelance/interning at Radke (wherein there was always a computer/TV available), I spent a WHOLE lot of time on it. But cold turkeying should help. It can only be good. I’ll get bits of my own surfing time when I’m home, but that is also Beth time, which is far more valuable than I remembered, particularly when it’s limited by work hours.

Now if only the cat would remarkably heal completely and instantly, all of my stressors could be gone. But that’s probably too much to ask. As it is, I spend another decent chunk of my home time staring at the cat watching her breathing, which in turn freaks her out and causes her breathing to get worse. It really is counterproductive. But such is my brain.

I’m working on it. Getting the pesky thing out, that is. It’s really just taking up space.

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