Stealing, musically-speaking

Mr. Travis has done a few entertainingly-themed acrostic playlists, and I always liked the idea. But I couldn’t think of anything equally clever to theme one about (tough to match up with a Hepatitis-themed mixtape).
So I went with the obvious, with probably the most important thing around me that there is to immortalize in mixed-tape form.

All things considered, I think it’s a pretty kickass list. It manages to both evoke its subject, lay within said subjects tastes, spans a nice spectrum of music, and ends with Styx (as everything should — that song in particular).

E Eliot, Sarah Slean
L Lloyd, I’m Ready to Get Heartbroken, Camera Obscura
I In Other Words, Ben Kweller
Z Za, Supergrass
A Across the Universe, Fiona Apple
B Beth, Kiss
E Erase Rewind, Cardigans
T This is What I Do, Rhett Miller
H How My Heart Behaves, Feist

A Almost Grown, Jesse Malin
N No Sissies, Hawksley Workman
N Nothing More to Say, Joel Plaskett Emergency

M Murder (Or a Heart Attack), Old 97s
A Army of Me, Bjork
H Hello, My Treacherous Friends, OK Go
E Euphoria, Ron Hawkins and the Rusty Nails
R Renegade, Styx

If you folks download even only the last song, my mission is accomplished. Now here’s hoping all my uploading/html worked…

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5 Responses to Stealing, musically-speaking

  1. travis says:

    That Fiona Apple cover of Across the Universe? Friggin’ awesome.

  2. Katie says:

    And you make fun of ME for being lame.

    Joe and I just make cd’s called “babymakingmusic”, “sexytime music” and “they’re our makeout band!” (as well as “they’re our OTHER makeout band!” which is currently in the works).

    Sentimentality takes a back burner to fullblown makeouts.

  3. Joe says:

    Next thing you know, you’ll be putting up pictures of you and Beth with your heads squished together.

    All kidding aside, that is a kick ass playlist.

  4. travis says:

    I wrote one about Hepatitis. I read these comments, and now I feel all alone in the world.

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