Well, it’s a start…

I’ve really been meaning to blog lately. I’ve had a huge hanker to get my write on, despite doing it all day at work (which is where I am now, but I just hadhadhad to get this up). I’ve got a bunch of stuff I want to write about entertainment-wise, life-wise, blogginess-wise, and just in general, I’ve got the urge to write a bunch of crap.

But it will all start here.

I’ve been watching Attack of the Show on G4 a lot lately when I get home from work. The dude, Kevin Pereira, used to be super irritating, but he’s improving vastly. Olivia Munn, much as nerds wet themselves over her looks, is actually a really, really good TV host. She’s funny, actually kind of a huge nerd, so she relates to the topic of the show, and the two of them together have a really great sibling-like/possibly-sleeping-together vibe, and they really goof off an awful lot for a live, internationally broadcast hour of TV.

Basically, I laugh and I get my fix of nerd news (particularly good game and movie/TV coverage). They also feature basically a ‘best of stupid web videos’ every day. I normally don’t have time for a ton of web videos, both literally and figuratively, but in their all-time bests they feature the ‘boom goes the dynamite’ sportscaster kid (amazing, amazingly awkward bad TV journalism — I hadn’t seen the full thing until the last couple days, and I had to hold my mouth shut to prevent laughing very very loudly).

And there was this. Probably my favourite 38 seconds of internet. Ever. Enjoy, as I know you will, and must.

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