Seeing as I still haven’t followed through on my promise to blog, and I’m now at work compiling a ton of brochures for Humber College, I thought I’d blog tiny bits in between brochures.

Some bullet points, if you will, for now. I’m thinking of doing a fall TV breakdown eventually, once I’ve seen pilots, and I may jot some Raptors thoughts before the season starts. Plus actual blogging, about stuff I think about and crap. Yeah.

But for now:

God Bless Technology — a.k.a. “Random text messages from Dart saved to my cellphone”

Occasionally, and not as frequently as I’d like, my phone will beep or buzz, and it’s a text message from Dart. Completely unbidden, often after not speaking to Dart for weeks or months. I wish I had more, so c’mon Dart, do it up. Now here, for your reading pleasure, they are (omitting texts sent for a purpose, like birthday party planning), in reverse chronological order (most recent first):
“I accidentally hit myself in the nuts with my binder”
“I am the greatest says Muhammad Ali”
“Championship! Championship! Championship! Championship! Championship! Championship!”
“Maiden!” (with accompanying photo of Iron Maiden playing live)

Box of gold

This past weekend, we did what I can’t believe it took me until now to do. I now have, in my living room, a PVR. This now means that I can tell my VCR to go screw itself, record two shows at once without tapes, record shows with the touch of about 2 buttons, not annoy Beth with all of my Raptors games, and not worry about (sad as it is, I sometimes do, seeing as I’m so caught up with following the shows that I follow, all in the name of honing my TV writing craft) whether or not I’ve got recording set right when we leave the house, allowing me to, well, leave the house a little easier. I’ve already played with it a bunch. How I survived until now, I don’t know. Best of all, since Rogers had been dicking me around and still charging me for months for some channel packages after they moved a bunch of the included channels into their free VIP package, the PVR will be free for a few months with credit, and after that, won’t cost any more than aforementioned channel packages did.

XBOX 360 urge growing … growing

Time at work has also allowed me to work some podcast listening into my day, and G4/IGN tend to be the main places I go, usually filling myself full of hype for nerdly pursuits like games, comics, tv, gadgets, etc. After mildly sating these urges with Metroid 3 (awesome) and slowly working my way through, trying to savour every last second of it, I’m getting more and more hyped for a bunch of 360 releases. I already pimped Mass Effect in my little sidebar ages ago, but now there’s Bioshock sitting on shelves, taunting me, and damned if I’m not getting caught up a little in Halo 3 fever. I’ve never been a huge fanboy of the Halo franchise, but they are very solid shooters, with a decent story and some fun to be had. I’m not a multiplayer man either, but that Forge map editor, and the saved films instant replay, make the nerdlinger inside me very giddy. Halo’s promotion team has been bang-on, too, really stoking not just hardcores in wanting to play, but getting everyone on board. They’re showing that they understand not only how to make a game where stuff gets blasted, but also to put at least a bit of thought into the style and substance of the things. Plus for my little white box of joy (the Wii), there’s still Zack & Wiki, a delightful looking piratey adventure/puzzler, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, with online and an honest-to-God story mode, and of course, Super Mario Galaxy — ’nuff said.
Now I’ve just got to keep scrimping and trading stuff in to put together some fundage for this project…

Household miscellany

We’ve been redecorating, to an extent. Nice new dresser, new lamps (owls and horsies!), looking at chairs, and I’m actually interested! It might not always show, according to Beth, but I’m really kinda looking forwarwd to not living in student-esque squalor, as budget and lifestyle have dictated to this point.
We’re also still acclimatizing our little kitten-y bundles of delight to our home, and they’re (mostly) a treat. When they’re not whining to see us at six in the morning.

I think that’s it for now. Started this almost first thing in the morning, and now it’s 4:00, blogged around work. Enjoy, internetz.

Coming soon: hopefully my TV season roundup, more Flickr fun (free Flickr pro with Rogers internet! Who knew Rogers would actually get something right!?!?), and maybe some gaming discussion (current state of, etc).

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One Response to Ammo

  1. faboofour says:

    I do hope you’re not too Miffed about my stealing your kitty pic. I found it in flickr and it looked so much like Scotty in a Jeffries Tube (named after the set designer on the old Star Trek series) that I… well, I, uh, just couldn’t help it!

    Maybe I should have capped it, “im in yur flickr steelin’ yur kittypic”…

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