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It sure ai’is…

Quick note from work, in between thousand-word academic research papers (essentially) for Humber College faculty site. I’m back on the interweebs on a weekly basis at Ain’t It Cool News, doing pre-air (in America anyway) reviews of the wonderful Pushing … Continue reading

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Finally! Advice on criminal behaviour from a source I can trust

Jack McBrayer and Michael Cera should get together and have babies. They could share carrying them like Arnold and DeVito in whatever the hell movie that was, or something. I just like picturing them as a domestic couple, but deciding … Continue reading

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A new sked

So, fall is here. Well, calendar-wise anyway. And with it comes that which the wistful side of my TV-writing ambitious brain gets to sample the new fruits of the small screen. As always (at least for as long as I’ve … Continue reading

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Were they spicy fries?

I really, really, really wish all elections, and all disputes with multiple choices as a whole, were settled this way. Funny thing is how close a prognostigator they may turn out to have been.

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