Just to show that no matter how much you supposedly ‘grow up’, there’s still all kinds of proof to the contrary, specially if you choose a ‘creative’ field to get into. I spend a great deal of time at work thinking. Just thinking. I’ve always worked like that. Ideas come in bursts. Or rather the implementation of ideas goes in bursts. I’ll spend a good couple of hours figuring out precisely how I want to word something, or what sort of spin I want to put on the particular (generally educational or financial institutionally-related) project I’m working on, then bang it out quick before the idea runs away.

This is what I look like at work. Or at least what I am allowed to look like should I not feel like, y’know, cleaning myself up a little bit.

But in my defense, when one of the other fine fellows here at work can regularly sport a t-shirt with a cupcake who threatens that he ‘unna eet choo!’, I figure I can rock the old band tee and three day face.

P.S. The song is “Let’s Dance to Joy Division” by The Wombats (already pimped on the sidebar there), or possibly “Soundtrack for the Night” by Joel Plaskett Emergency. Love that my work investment was a nice pair of headphones. I also tend to keep track of what song inspires particularly good work ideas. “A Horse With No Name” and “The Blower’s Daughter” by Neil Young and Damien Rice, respectively, have sparked an especially good Humber College idea.

P.P.S. Yes, that is Philip J Fry breakdancing behind me, and yes, he is accompanied by dinosaurs. I have a cool desk.

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One Response to Workin’

  1. Phil says:

    Horse with No Name is by America. One hit wonders. Not Neil Young at all. Not even close.

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