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More British goodness

This is AMAZING. I wish I had the station in the world to dump all over every single group of people, EVER, and look adorably crotchety doing it. Or this is the finest example of dry British wit I have … Continue reading

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When it hits…

I had a moment today — my first, so far as I can remember (at least the first that counts), panicked napkin-writing moment. I’ve finally been writing. As with most things I do, creative-wise, I spent months putting together fine … Continue reading

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Urge … to punch-uate … rising

That may be my favourite blog title I’ve ever written. But they say that the best material comes out of conflict, and man am I conflicted. Vampire Weekend. Do I hate them? Do I love them? Do I just want … Continue reading

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It’s raining FBI agents

Song of the moment: (There exists no actual video for this song, and the other Youtube mashups all involve a lot of footage of riots and tanks, or video game vidcaps — I almost took the Dead Rising one — … Continue reading

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