Urge … to punch-uate … rising

That may be my favourite blog title I’ve ever written.

But they say that the best material comes out of conflict, and man am I conflicted.

Vampire Weekend.

Do I hate them? Do I love them? Do I just want them to call me up at about 11 at night once or twice a week and be gone before breakfast?

On the one hand, they’ve got a rather staggering amount of cable-knit sweaters and boat shoes, sound a tad too much like early Police, and are just generally Upper-East-Side, Cape-Cod, Ivy-Leagued privileged music geeks who were on the cover of Spin before they had a record released (read: someone’s Daddy knows someone, even if it’s just Mr. Franklin and all of his friends, Washington, Lincoln, et al).

On the other hand — so. damn. catchy. Exhibit A — “Oxford Comma”. Is it just that the English grad in me is giddy at the prospect of a song centred around punctuation? Should I be offended, as I am definitely one to have an opinion on Oxford commas, and have recently gone to lengths to communicate that opinion to a colleague (they’re perfectly correct and appropriate in a large number of situations!)?

I’m very much unsure how I feel about the record as a whole. Does my sensibility towards the extreme preppy attitude impact my clear enjoyment of the music? I mean, for God’s sake, they have a song whose central conceit is about being too bored at Cape Cod. Their music is based pretty heavily in not only pointing out how educated and privileged they are, but in pretty much celebrating it. It’s the kind of setup that makes even mild-mannered gentlemen like myself get all clenchy-fisted and forced to push back a desire to pummel some squares.

The fodder for ridicule and much railing-against in pretty much all other indie pop, done in a way that would seem pretentious to the freakin’ Arcade Fire? Shouldn’t I hate this? (And yes, I realize that if you google “Vampire Weekend” and “blog”, you get thousands of other middle-class 20-something hipsters wondering the exact same thing.)

I probably should. However, I most definitely do not. At least not yet.

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