Setting the line right now

Before the final season starts, I am laying my cards on the table in re the final Cylon. Get it out there in print so I can look good once I’m right, or the fool once I’m proven wrong.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you should probably turn back now, there’s nothing for you here.

I thought I was playing it cool over the last week, not geeking out quite so much, but turns out over the last few hours, knowing that the Galactica premiere airs in now less than four hours, I can’t stands it no more.

Last March, so very long ago, when the finale aired and four of the final five were revealed, I was pretty proud of myself for picking up three of the four (Tigh, Tory and Anders), but the accomplishment was minimized a little in that they pretty much told you as much in the first part of the two parter. Tyrol was a surprise, I believe I shouted at the TV.

I’d chosen two others in my back-and-forth with Ms. Julia Bronsteter (nee Kirkham), but now that we’ve only got one left, I’ve got to pick a horse, or chicken out and pick someone new.

Fortunately, I’m confident enough in my pick to side with one of my originals, and ride them ’till we’re done.

Felix Gaeta.

There, I said it. The marvelous, ever-present, vaguely simpering (in a good way) Gaeta. He was at the helm of the only ship destined to (really) survive the attacks; is responsible for the ‘mistake’ of miscommunicating jump coordinates when Adama is shot, a problem only solved by creating a dreaded computer network; sticks by Baltar’s side the whole time on New Caprica, but still helping the resistance, for some end; lies to implicate Baltar at the trial (he pissed off the Cylons); and is just overall one of those ubiquitous presences that HAS to have some sort of ominous hand in everything. Plus the gay vibe. Kidding.

There’s just too much, and he’s too shifty and sly, I don’t even think he’s a sleeper, I think he knows what’s what.

Very tricky, Mr. Gaeta. You have 20 episodes left to prove me right or wrong.

P.S. Jon, don’t you dare tell me anything. Or. Else. You. Die. I don’t care how married you’re getting. There would be killing.

Any fellow Galactites with theories?

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