Reasons I could feel sick

1. The flu that Beth recently fought off/possibly passed to me

2. Whatever a couple people at work have been fighting off for the past couple of weeks

3. Having eaten deep-fried seafood and fries TWICE yesterday

I regret nothing.

I am, however, thinking of taking a mulligan on work tomorrow, as there will be a baby-shower lunch for Angela, currently on maternity leave, and I figure it would be best — if this heavy, vaguely sinking feeling taking over most of my body isn’t fried-food related — not to be around a new person with a half-developed immune system and risk infecting them with this particular brand of martian fever.

I relate this not as an opportunity to whine (much as I enjoy those) as much as to realize that yesterday acted as an unintentional celebration: I have been working at Black Cat for precisely one year, now plus a day. It is now the job I have held longest in my life. That is both crazy and a little sad, given that I’m 26. I mean, technically I worked at The Press for four years, but never for longer than a year at anything consistent, that I’m counting for this particular exercise. Yeah, fine, I was arts editor for two years in a row, but there were huge breaks between weeks/years, and that was hardly a daily thing, nor was it the ‘same’ job for that whole time, what with the reapplying for it and a regime change and all.

So my body clearly knew that and caused me to seek out fried fish and/or create the circumstance that allowed fried fish to be eaten to a somewhat exaggerated degree. Because what better way to commemorate an occasion, really, than dipping various sea creatures in batter and dunking them in hot oil?

I can think of none. The homemade scallops were a particular treat, and were what I imagine the popplers from Futurama would taste like. If only they turned out to also be sentient and cute too, instead of just nature’s bite-sized morsel. (Seriously, what other evolutionary purpose could scallops serve? They’re naturally a tiny nugget of delicious meat.)

Anyone who points out that it may cause my first actual sick day taken for illness clearly misses the point. Apologies to Michelle and whichever other of my veggie friends may be reading this. I abdicate responsibility however, as this was clearly a matter of body chemistry, not rational thought.

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