A few quick things:

Work’s been pretty ok. I totally won this group brainstorming, creative idea thingy, earning me $50 cool Scarborough Town Centre dollars. I came up with the best idea to try and pitch to one of our clients for a new, big, public push. We can’t possibly actually take it to them, it’s too crazy, too out there, has to be toned way down, but the point of the exercise was to get ideas flowing, and I like to think I did that.

That $50 bought me Grand Theft Auto 4. I really was not a fanboy of the franchise before this. The only experience I had with the series was watching Lauchie using cheat codes and shooting grenade launchers off of parking garages into traffic jams during a Kangas Sauna party in Thunder Bay. I was pretty bored by the whole experience, but seeing perfect 10 scores popping up everywhere and hearing about how it revolutionized the cinematic experience of games, I figured that a free $50 could go to worse use, so I bit the bullet. It’s definitely an immersive experience, and with some really compelling aspects. I’m not a crazy, best-game-ever convert or anything, but even at about 5 hours in, I’m really curious to see where things go from here.

And looking up further GTA analysis/reading my daily nerd news brought me to Penny Arcade, which connected to the new Penny Arcade episodic game that just came out. I’ve never been a big Penny Arcade person either. It’s pretty funny sometimes, but I don’t see the call for the crazy nerd worship it gets sometimes. But this is really good. Seems they took trolling comments from the Wired blog that constantly and vehemently trash everything Penny Arcade, from a complete moron. It’s very much in the Frog Hammer school of advertising. If you don’t know what Frog Hammer is, it is my future employer, I don’t care how fictional it is (watch Slings and Arrows, the Canadian behind-the-curtain of a fictional Stratford festival series with Paul Gross and Mark McKinney — truly amazing).

Finally, it seems I’ve forgotten how to write in cursive. Can’t do it. Just thought I’d share. Seems my weird hybrid style of handwriting has completely pushed cursive/script out of the picture, and I can’t even do it if I try. I tried. There are extra humps and loops everywhere, missed letters, and general illegibility.


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