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Short is good (but we all knew that…)

Beth has already pimped Wall-E over on her cozy corner of internets, though as much as I loved it, I think I loved Presto more. Everyone who has seen Pixar’s movies knows about their commitment to keeping the art of … Continue reading

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The best thing you’re probably not watching

I may be assuming too much here, but I don’t imagine a whole lot of you, my imaginary readers, are watching AMC’s amazing Mad Men. You should be. Set in the misogynist and booze-soaked world of advertising in New York, … Continue reading

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As if I needed more proof…

I’ve written before about how I have been karmically deducing that the Old 97s are meant to be my favourite band. It’s out of my hands. I can no longer be held responsible for my actions where they are concerned. … Continue reading

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