As if I needed more proof…

I’ve written before about how I have been karmically deducing that the Old 97s are meant to be my favourite band. It’s out of my hands. I can no longer be held responsible for my actions where they are concerned.

Never, in a million years, would I presume to see my two favourite things combined in such a way.

Is it kind of a crappy music video? Yeah. Is my inner geek mentally correcting the rather egregious typo that is throughout? Let’s just say that the phrase “There’s no ‘C’!” is repeated in my head frequently.

I mean, there’s something to be said for a random video that doesn’t relate to the song, and then there’s this. There’s the band having a minimal role in a video, and then there’s the weird tangential pass-bys that go on here (the band appears, or is even suggested, for about 16 seconds).

Do I still LOVE IT? Of course. If only just for what it represents if not for its execution.

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