New look, new day

It looks a bit different around here. Turns out I hadn’t updated WordPress in about a hundred years, and my old site template didn’t work with this century’s. And it took me too long to fix, admittedly.

And yes, big changes are afoot. I am jobless, for one. Turns out this whole ‘recession’ thing isn’t bogus after all. Who knew? It seems, when places pull back on advertising, they also pull back on paying the companies that do their advertising. Who’da thunk? Which means that said agencies need to pull back on where they spend their money, like, say, on copywriters.

So not an ideal situation. Getting married in less than six months. Would like to be working again before then. Irons are being placed in or near the fire. Lines are being cast. Cliches are being employed to describe situations.

But interestingly, I am more at peace than one might think. Of course there have been moments of uncertainty, of fear, of outright rage and anger, but there’s also been a feeling like this is an opportunity, hoary as that may sound. I liked Black Cat, I did, but there are also other things I want to do, and having a 9-5 that didn’t involve them made it tough.

I’ve had, for the past few years, a feeling like there’s a difference I could make, stories I could be telling. It’s taken a long time to put the nebulous feelings of ambition and desire into a single (compound) word, as to where I feel I belong – moving from drama/theatre in high school, to English and fiction-writing and journalism in university, to advertising and television dreams after graduation – and where I can be of best use in this world. I believe I’m a storyteller. I believe I need to be working and striving to put compelling form to the ideas and messages and causes that mean most to me. It’s an important time, and I’ve come to see that in all we do, all we see and hear and experience every day, whether it’s politics or entertainment, business or pleasure, an engaging narrative is essential.

So I’m making contacts, and I’m writing. And I’m enjoying some time with my lady and my cats. I have no real idea what the next week, or month, or year is going to bring, but I am not going to let one setback change the course of what I now know I am here to do.

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