(Sarcasm plays on the internet, right?)

Y’know what cuts? Like a knife?


Oh man, you should have heard some of them.

“I have to spend time with family that’s in from out of town. I promised my parents I’d be there.” Waahhhhhh.
“I’ve got a huge grad school out-of-town research project next week that I really need to prepare for.” Boo hoo.
“A dear friend is having her baby shower before moving out of town, probably forever.” Uh huh.
“It’s Orthodox Easter this weekend, we had to go visit family.” C’mon, now you’re just making up words!
“I’m really sorry, I’m getting married that day.” My God, the nerve of some people!

If you didn’t WANT to come to my employment hiatus celebration, you could have just said so.

(For real though, everyone absent was missed, and we shall see you all and more soon!)

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One Response to Gutted

  1. Christine says:

    hahhahaha. the nerve, indeed!

    On the bright side my wedding went quite well. I missed you but I’m glad you had your own smashing shindig.

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