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Hate to see you go

I’m realizing more and more lately that I have a problem with endings. As in, I don’t like them having to happen. I’m of a type to draw out experiences as long as humanly possible, often to the detriment of … Continue reading

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Because it’s my space

With such an unforgivably long hiatus from blogging, a lot of things got to percolating. For instance, I’ve listened to a decent amount of new (well, mostly new for me) music, and felt like communicating that. And what better way … Continue reading

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A faulty comparison

Being unemployed has led to a number of things. One of these things being that we’ve had a lot more time for movies. I tended to find that working a 9-5 meant that our TV time was devoted mostly to … Continue reading

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I should be used to it by now

Mid-season replacements are tricky in TV land. More often than not, you’re just seeing the castoffs that didn’t make fall premiere season – the stuff that got made because someone at some point liked it, but then over the course … Continue reading

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(Sarcasm plays on the internet, right?) Y’know what cuts? Like a knife? Excuses. Oh man, you should have heard some of them. “I have to spend time with family that’s in from out of town. I promised my parents I’d … Continue reading

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New look, new day

It looks a bit different around here. Turns out I hadn’t updated WordPress in about a hundred years, and my old site template didn’t work with this century’s. And it took me too long to fix, admittedly. And yes, big … Continue reading

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Close, but… well, maybe not that close

First things first. I neglected to mention last blog, but I’m also thinking whoever reads this reads Beth’s as well, but there’s a wedding ’round these parts come September. So things are good. Very good. There will be more to … Continue reading

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