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Hate to see you go

I’m realizing more and more lately that I have a problem with endings. As in, I don’t like them having to happen. I’m of a type to draw out experiences as long as humanly possible, often to the detriment of … Continue reading

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I should be used to it by now

Mid-season replacements are tricky in TV land. More often than not, you’re just seeing the castoffs that didn’t make fall premiere season – the stuff that got made because someone at some point liked it, but then over the course … Continue reading

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New look, new day

It looks a bit different around here. Turns out I hadn’t updated WordPress in about a hundred years, and my old site template didn’t work with this century’s. And it took me too long to fix, admittedly. And yes, big … Continue reading

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On two advertisements

Two pieces of advertising have struck me in the last 24 hours: 1. That Stephen Harper TV spot that has him sitting in front of a fire, extolling the virtues of his very cordial (thank you very much) working relationship … Continue reading

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Cyclicism vs. cynicism — the battle of the soft c’s

I think I know why I’ve felt kind of on edge lately. I’ve been obsessing (to put it mildly) with politics and such accompanying folderol. And not even politics that concerns me – the American kind. Well, ok, American politics … Continue reading

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A few quick things: Work’s been pretty ok. I totally won this group brainstorming, creative idea thingy, earning me $50 cool Scarborough Town Centre dollars. I came up with the best idea to try and pitch to one of our … Continue reading

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Setting the line right now

Before the final season starts, I am laying my cards on the table in re the final Cylon. Get it out there in print so I can look good once I’m right, or the fool once I’m proven wrong. If … Continue reading

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