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A few quick things: Work’s been pretty ok. I totally won this group brainstorming, creative idea thingy, earning me $50 cool Scarborough Town Centre dollars. I came up with the best idea to try and pitch to one of our … Continue reading

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I may be a nerd, but…

These people need some pummeling. At the very least. I was going to put this in my little sidebar, but I was concerned people might miss it over there, and if anyone is even still reading this here corner of … Continue reading

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It sure ai’is…

Quick note from work, in between thousand-word academic research papers (essentially) for Humber College faculty site. I’m back on the interweebs on a weekly basis at Ain’t It Cool News, doing pre-air (in America anyway) reviews of the wonderful Pushing … Continue reading

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Well, it’s a start…

I’ve really been meaning to blog lately. I’ve had a huge hanker to get my write on, despite doing it all day at work (which is where I am now, but I just hadhadhad to get this up). I’ve got … Continue reading

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Even major dailies get the blues

I enjoy feeling superior, and pointing out inconsequential gaffes in my social and professional betters. Ok, not really (at least not so on-the-nose), but I am a newspaper geek, and I enjoy goofs. Anyone else see anything … strange about … Continue reading

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This week

Trying to plow through this blogging thing, even when I’m not so sure if I’ve got anything to say, probably the best way to plow through these dry spots. First off, huge kudos to the ladyfriend, Miss Beth, for prettyifying … Continue reading

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So, Beth tagged me via the thang that Travis tagged her. Book meme. So, closest book: ‘The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman’ by Laurence Sterne Open to page 123: Done. Type 6-8 lines of said page: “Observe the … Continue reading

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