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A faulty comparison

Being unemployed has led to a number of things. One of these things being that we’ve had a lot more time for movies. I tended to find that working a 9-5 meant that our TV time was devoted mostly to … Continue reading

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(Very) Exciting to very few

Though I’m sure I could disseminate this particular piece of information to the entirety of the people in my life who I know would care by turning my head and opening my mouth, I feel the need to spread it … Continue reading

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A few quick things: Work’s been pretty ok. I totally won this group brainstorming, creative idea thingy, earning me $50 cool Scarborough Town Centre dollars. I came up with the best idea to try and pitch to one of our … Continue reading

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128-bit Memory Lane

In my pre-work blog perusal this morning, my one of my bookmarked gaming blogs (Level Up at Newsweek) linked to a piece on MTV Multiplayer featuring little blurbs from gaming luminaries/writers/creators/journalists about their first real gaming memory. Seeing as a … Continue reading

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