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A faulty comparison

Being unemployed has led to a number of things. One of these things being that we’ve had a lot more time for movies. I tended to find that working a 9-5 meant that our TV time was devoted mostly to … Continue reading

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Close, but… well, maybe not that close

First things first. I neglected to mention last blog, but I’m also thinking whoever reads this reads Beth’s as well, but there’s a wedding ’round these parts come September. So things are good. Very good. There will be more to … Continue reading

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Well, it’s a start…

I’ve really been meaning to blog lately. I’ve had a huge hanker to get my write on, despite doing it all day at work (which is where I am now, but I just hadhadhad to get this up). I’ve got … Continue reading

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Even major dailies get the blues

I enjoy feeling superior, and pointing out inconsequential gaffes in my social and professional betters. Ok, not really (at least not so on-the-nose), but I am a newspaper geek, and I enjoy goofs. Anyone else see anything … strange about … Continue reading

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