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(Sarcasm plays on the internet, right?) Y’know what cuts? Like a knife? Excuses. Oh man, you should have heard some of them. “I have to spend time with family that’s in from out of town. I promised my parents I’d … Continue reading

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New look, new day

It looks a bit different around here. Turns out I hadn’t updated WordPress in about a hundred years, and my old site template didn’t work with this century’s. And it took me too long to fix, admittedly. And yes, big … Continue reading

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Cyclicism vs. cynicism — the battle of the soft c’s

I think I know why I’ve felt kind of on edge lately. I’ve been obsessing (to put it mildly) with politics and such accompanying folderol. And not even politics that concerns me – the American kind. Well, ok, American politics … Continue reading

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128-bit Memory Lane

In my pre-work blog perusal this morning, my one of my bookmarked gaming blogs (Level Up at Newsweek) linked to a piece on MTV Multiplayer featuring little blurbs from gaming luminaries/writers/creators/journalists about their first real gaming memory. Seeing as a … Continue reading

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A number of things finally converged over this past weekend, leading to a much more relaxed and contented Liam. It’s been a while since I finally felt more or less settled in where I am and what I’m doing. It’s … Continue reading

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Me and the C.H.U.D.s

I had something of a first for me this weekend: my first long weekend as a real-life workin’ man. I mean, like everyone, I’ve had long weekends before, but usually I haven’t really noticed their existence. I’ve either been in … Continue reading

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Body count, rearview mirror

Quality TV dead this year: Jericho Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip Veronica Mars Gilmore Girls The OC Rome All eminently savable, only one really past its prime and ready to go (Gilmore Girls). Veronica did good to get its … Continue reading

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