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Because it’s my space

With such an unforgivably long hiatus from blogging, a lot of things got to percolating. For instance, I’ve listened to a decent amount of new (well, mostly new for me) music, and felt like communicating that. And what better way … Continue reading

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As if I needed more proof…

I’ve written before about how I have been karmically deducing that the Old 97s are meant to be my favourite band. It’s out of my hands. I can no longer be held responsible for my actions where they are concerned. … Continue reading

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Urge … to punch-uate … rising

That may be my favourite blog title I’ve ever written. But they say that the best material comes out of conflict, and man am I conflicted. Vampire Weekend. Do I hate them? Do I love them? Do I just want … Continue reading

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It’s raining FBI agents

Song of the moment: (There exists no actual video for this song, and the other Youtube mashups all involve a lot of footage of riots and tanks, or video game vidcaps — I almost took the Dead Rising one — … Continue reading

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Just to show that no matter how much you supposedly ‘grow up’, there’s still all kinds of proof to the contrary, specially if you choose a ‘creative’ field to get into. I spend a great deal of time at work … Continue reading

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Stealing, musically-speaking

Mr. Travis has done a few entertainingly-themed acrostic playlists, and I always liked the idea. But I couldn’t think of anything equally clever to theme one about (tough to match up with a Hepatitis-themed mixtape). So I went with the … Continue reading

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Why I love and hate my job

A conundrum: How do you gracefully ask this question (multiple choice, two of five answers are correct, but they do not have to be paired together to be correct)? “A student may be immediately dismissed from class only if they … Continue reading

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