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As if I needed more proof…

I’ve written before about how I have been karmically deducing that the Old 97s are meant to be my favourite band. It’s out of my hands. I can no longer be held responsible for my actions where they are concerned. … Continue reading

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Setting the line right now

Before the final season starts, I am laying my cards on the table in re the final Cylon. Get it out there in print so I can look good once I’m right, or the fool once I’m proven wrong. If … Continue reading

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Urge … to punch-uate … rising

That may be my favourite blog title I’ve ever written. But they say that the best material comes out of conflict, and man am I conflicted. Vampire Weekend. Do I hate them? Do I love them? Do I just want … Continue reading

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128-bit Memory Lane

In my pre-work blog perusal this morning, my one of my bookmarked gaming blogs (Level Up at Newsweek) linked to a piece on MTV Multiplayer featuring little blurbs from gaming luminaries/writers/creators/journalists about their first real gaming memory. Seeing as a … Continue reading

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Only the Brits.

More specifically, only Stephen Fry, one of the most sterling examples of Brits. Watch this. Now. Done? Wasn’t it marvelous? Doesn’t it just grab you by the testicles, or by whichever testicular substitute/equivalent you may happen to possess, and shake … Continue reading

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I may be a nerd, but…

These people need some pummeling. At the very least. I was going to put this in my little sidebar, but I was concerned people might miss it over there, and if anyone is even still reading this here corner of … Continue reading

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