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New year, old cliché

Wow, this place is dusty.  Here’s hoping 2009 brings 2009 blog posts (or at least more than the handful 2008 brought). But, with new beginnings brings a look back at what has passed.  Without my usual preamble, and just cuz … Continue reading

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It’s that time of year again

It’s crazy time. Fall premiere time. The time when my PVR gets way too much of a workout, trying out new shows, catching up on old ones, and maybe discarding a few that are past their prime. Let’s do this … Continue reading

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Reasons I could feel sick

1. The flu that Beth recently fought off/possibly passed to me 2. Whatever a couple people at work have been fighting off for the past couple of weeks 3. Having eaten deep-fried seafood and fries TWICE yesterday I regret nothing. … Continue reading

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128-bit Memory Lane

In my pre-work blog perusal this morning, my one of my bookmarked gaming blogs (Level Up at Newsweek) linked to a piece on MTV Multiplayer featuring little blurbs from gaming luminaries/writers/creators/journalists about their first real gaming memory. Seeing as a … Continue reading

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Seeing as I still haven’t followed through on my promise to blog, and I’m now at work compiling a ton of brochures for Humber College, I thought I’d blog tiny bits in between brochures. Some bullet points, if you will, … Continue reading

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Chylothorax 1, Curiousity 0

So how was your long weekend? Nice time at the cottage? Bit of relaxing? That’s nice. I didn’t want this to be flippant (and yet my choice of title). I didn’t want this to be angry (and yet my opening). … Continue reading

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This week

Trying to plow through this blogging thing, even when I’m not so sure if I’ve got anything to say, probably the best way to plow through these dry spots. First off, huge kudos to the ladyfriend, Miss Beth, for prettyifying … Continue reading

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