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I should be used to it by now

Mid-season replacements are tricky in TV land. More often than not, you’re just seeing the castoffs that didn’t make fall premiere season – the stuff that got made because someone at some point liked it, but then over the course … Continue reading

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Close, but… well, maybe not that close

First things first. I neglected to mention last blog, but I’m also thinking whoever reads this reads Beth’s as well, but there’s a wedding ’round these parts come September. So things are good. Very good. There will be more to … Continue reading

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New year, old cliché

Wow, this place is dusty.  Here’s hoping 2009 brings 2009 blog posts (or at least more than the handful 2008 brought). But, with new beginnings brings a look back at what has passed.  Without my usual preamble, and just cuz … Continue reading

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It’s that time of year again

It’s crazy time. Fall premiere time. The time when my PVR gets way too much of a workout, trying out new shows, catching up on old ones, and maybe discarding a few that are past their prime. Let’s do this … Continue reading

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The best thing you’re probably not watching

I may be assuming too much here, but I don’t imagine a whole lot of you, my imaginary readers, are watching AMC’s amazing Mad Men. You should be. Set in the misogynist and booze-soaked world of advertising in New York, … Continue reading

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Setting the line right now

Before the final season starts, I am laying my cards on the table in re the final Cylon. Get it out there in print so I can look good once I’m right, or the fool once I’m proven wrong. If … Continue reading

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It sure ai’is…

Quick note from work, in between thousand-word academic research papers (essentially) for Humber College faculty site. I’m back on the interweebs on a weekly basis at Ain’t It Cool News, doing pre-air (in America anyway) reviews of the wonderful Pushing … Continue reading

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