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New look, new day

It looks a bit different around here. Turns out I hadn’t updated WordPress in about a hundred years, and my old site template didn’t work with this century’s. And it took me too long to fix, admittedly. And yes, big … Continue reading

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Just to show that no matter how much you supposedly ‘grow up’, there’s still all kinds of proof to the contrary, specially if you choose a ‘creative’ field to get into. I spend a great deal of time at work … Continue reading

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Why I love and hate my job

A conundrum: How do you gracefully ask this question (multiple choice, two of five answers are correct, but they do not have to be paired together to be correct)? “A student may be immediately dismissed from class only if they … Continue reading

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Multiplicity of the strangest kind

So I brought my little squirrely friend from home to the new job the other day. He’s desk adornment. I get here this morning, and he’s invited friends. I don’t know where they came from, or how they got here, … Continue reading

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Lousy weather metaphors…

So about the inability of something to not just rain, but to have a propensity to pour… In English? I went almost two years (minus TAing, freelance and working for free — none of which really counts as full-time ‘work’, … Continue reading

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I got the internet shakes

So work started today. And it seemed pretty alright, minus some of my The Office-related quips and gurgles. Once we get into the actual monthly making of catalogues, my brain should rest a little easier — settling in is key, … Continue reading

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