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Seeing as I still haven’t followed through on my promise to blog, and I’m now at work compiling a ton of brochures for Humber College, I thought I’d blog tiny bits in between brochures. Some bullet points, if you will, … Continue reading

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Well, it’s a start…

I’ve really been meaning to blog lately. I’ve had a huge hanker to get my write on, despite doing it all day at work (which is where I am now, but I just hadhadhad to get this up). I’ve got … Continue reading

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Welcome to my interweb, world

Ok suckers, here’s how it’s gonna go. I’m gonna do this thing, you’re gonna sit there and take it. There’ll be categories, there’ll be various stuff, there’ll be fun features, and it’s the kickassingest thing you’ve all ever seen. RIGHT?

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