The mists of time have taken many of the treatments (as did a hard drive crash), but for the best example, the one that actually got me the regular gig writing treatments, you can click below.

Quick primer on what a treatment actually is: a treatment is a director and production company’s pitch to the client and ad agency in hopes of winning the job to shoot the spot for the product or service. At this stage a script has been written by the agency, and the director wants to put their unique spin and salesmanship on the project, through engaging text, and dynamic visuals that they hope will convey their vision for the spot in an exciting way.

On that note, we find imaginary commercial director Liam Dynes’ treatment for the amazing new product Pal’s, the world’s first beer for dogs (N.B. I wanted a fun fake product, and had lots of banked pictures of dogs and beer. Then magic happened.)

Click here for Pal’s (download of approx. 5 MB).

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