Many more samples in a variety of styles (including Journalism, Screenplays, Teleplays and Fiction) are available on request.

News (Campus press):

17,000 apply to Brock for 3,725 spaces
Looking at the potential impact of the huge influx of students with the double cohort (elimination of OAC in Ontario).

Lowenberger rez not complete
In the fall of 2003, Brock’s newest residence’s opening was delayed by more than three weeks, despite assurances that it would be complete up to 3 days before scheduled move-in.

Former city inspector files lawsuit
In the aftermath of the Lowenberger rez snafu, the St. Catharines’ city inspector was fired. His initial lawsuit claimed he was fired for not bowing to pressure to certify the residence to open before it was ready.

Universal bus passes proposed by student union
Initial story on the implementation of the universal bus pass at Brock.

U-pass enrages some students
Story after the start of the U-pass, outlining an anti-bus-pass campaign to see the pass repealed.

Opinion (Campus press):

These opinions now stand to be a tad dated in places, many being nearly six years old, but I still believe they show an important side of my thinking and my writing.

Burlap sack visits Brock
Taking former premier Ernie Eves, shortly after his loss to the Liberals, into the burlap sack.

Democracy: no such thing as a mulligan
Arguing against a student petition to hold a referendum to repeal Brock’s newly instituted universal bus pass.

Did you notice…
Considering media saturation of the 2003 Michael Jackson case at a time when there were so many more important things to focus on.

Student media can’t be silenced
Responding to the news item at the time involving the National Post decrying being denied the ability to dump free copies on various university campuses.

Round and round we go again
Discussing the ongoing drama with Brock, the city of St. Catharines, and various contractors in the aftermath and litigation that came from Lowenberger residence not being complete for its move in date.

The world is, in fact, still at war
Looking back on a world still at war despite a much fresher “Mission Accomplished”, a piece that while dated, is still more applicable than you’d think today. Written for Remembrance Day/Veteran’s Day.


My favourite review of mine on Ain’t It Cool
For a while there, and still whenever I can, I go by “L-Prime” as the resident Canadian TV reviewer. Since we Canucks occasionally get some Yank shows a day ahead due to simulcast overloads, they at AICN like the recaps. This review in particular was for the finest episode of Heroes, to this point, ever.

Punk legends rock Toronto
My interview with one of my biggest influences from my teen years, Bad Religion.

The Smalls go out big
An interview with former Canadian hard rockers The Smalls, on the last night of their last Ontario tour, two nights before their last show ever.

Advertising (Webcopy and Campaigns – as of April 2009):

The entirety of the web copy for Provincial Alliance Credit Union
From beginning to end, as of April 2009 due to my being laid off from the ad agency, the Provincial Alliance web copy, branding, and campaigns largely fell under my purview. Of course there’s the back and forth of agency, creative director, and client, but the “Loon” branding, the “Ontario banks here” tagline, and the web copy as a whole came largely from these fingers.

Aromatics and Flavors Inc.
Working with SL Creative Services, this site is top to bottom original copy. A good example of freelance work and work with a complete company outlook, process and brand.

N.B. To anyone it may concern, for the Brock Press samples posted above, if the byline on the actual Brock Press site (not linked to spare ads and registration requirements) reads “Rob Terpstra”, rest assured they are still mine. The mislabeling is due to an error that stems from the changing ID of the administrator of the website/EIC of the paper in subsequent years (i.e. some pieces posted by me in my EIC year — when I was admin of the site — cycled forward and changed with each successive EIC/website admin. I am working to get this rectified, and I have hard copies to prove authorship if required).

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